Pollution Prevention for Dry Cleaners / Garment Care

More attractive options have become available for dry cleaners, allowing businesses to better manage their chemical process or even go solvent-free. There are many opportunities to reduce solid and dangerous wastes from dry cleaning activities that may significantly lower or eliminate costs associated with the generation and disposal of these wastes.

Top Tips for Pollution Prevention for Dry Cleaners from the Department of Ecology's technical assistance staff.

Manage Waste for Dry Cleaners / Garment Care tells what a business needs to know to follow the rules for dangerous waste management.

Dry Cleaner Reference Manual  is an Ecology publication that describes regulatory considerations and contains pollution-prevention tips.

Dry Cleaner Reference Manual in Korean 워 싱 턴 주 및 연 방 환경 부 법 규 준 수 를 위 한 : 세 탁 인 참 고 서

Pollution Prevention Resource Center Topic Hubs™

The Pollution Prevention Resource Center (PPRC) Topic Hub™ on dry cleaning provides background information, pollution prevention opportunities, reasons for change, where to go for help, and links to more information on the subject.

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