Pollution Prevention for Painting and Coating Shops

The following links are to EPA's Compliance Assistance Sector Notebooks website. The Notebooks provide a holistic approach by integrating processes, applicable regulations and other relevant environmental information.

Profile of the Metal Fabrication Industry Profile of the Wood Furniture and Fixtures Industry

From Ecology Technical Assistance staff

Paint and Coatings Manufacturing Sector: A Pollution Prevention Assessment and Guidance Ecology publication

Waste Reduction Methods for Production Painting Operations Ecology publication

Top Pollution Prevention Tips for Paint and Coating Businesses

Top Pollution Prevention Tips for Paint Manufacturers

Top Pollution Prevention Tips for Electroplaters and Metal Finishers

Focus Sheet: Inventory Control for the Paint Contracting Industry Ecology publication

Focus Sheet: Facts About Paint Clean-Up Ecology publication

Paint and Coatings as Waste is a page from Ecology's Dangerous Materials guide

Pollution Prevention Resource Center Topic Hubs™

The following are applicable Topic Hubs™ at the Pollution Prevention Resource Center (PPRC) website. The site includes background information, pollution prevention opportunities, reasons for change, where to go for help, and links to more information for and about this sector.

Metal Finishing   Paint & Coating Manufacturing


National Metal Finishing Resource Center

Paint and Coatings Resource Center (PCRC) is maintained by the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences and was developed by industry-government partnerships, with support from EPA's Office of Compliance.

Paint Research Association  International Centre for Coatings Technology

International Coatings and Formulations Institute (ICFI) at the University of Southern Mississippi's School of Polymers and High Performance Materials

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Paint & Coatings Industry Magazine

Metal Finishing