Dangerous Waste Permits

Dangerous Waste Permits

The Dangerous Waste Permit applies to a limited number of facilities that store, treat, and/or dispose of dangerous wastes on-site.

Only a permitted dangerous waste management facility may treat the dangerous waste of others or store waste on a long-term basis. A permit is also required to burn or dispose in the land any dangerous waste. These permitted businesses are often called TSDs or TSDRs, for Treatment, Storage, Disposal, and/or Recycling facilities.

The Washington State Department of Ecology is authorized by the federal Environmental Protection Agency to administer the dangerous waste permitting process from application through permit issuance or denial.

Applying for a Dangerous Waste Permit discusses the process to become a permitted TSDR.

Current Permits the Hazardous Waste and Toxics Reduction program has issued five permits that are in active status.

Choosing a Treatment Storage and Disposal Facility offers guidance for generators in making this important decision.


For questions on Dangerous Waste Permits, contact Pallavi Mukerjee at 360-407-7018  HWTR Program, PO Box 47600, Olympia WA

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