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Hazardous Waste & Toxics Reduction

Pollution Prevention

  • Assessing the Safety of Chemical Alternatives
    Ecology is developing guidance to help business and industry identify safer alternatives to toxic chemicals. We are working with seven other states to develop an "alternatives assessment" document. Join the listserv to give your input and get updates.

  • Technical Resources For Engineering Efficiency (TREE)
    Free engineering assistance from the TREE team can help your business increase efficiency, reduce waste, and save money.

  • Green Chemistry
    The twelve principles of green chemistry can help Washington State businesses be more profitable and competitive while protecting the environment.

  • Lean and Green
    Helps industies lower costs, improve product and service quality, and reduce lead times, while reducing environmental waste and impacts. See how your business can benefit.

  • Local Source Control Partnership
    Ecology works with local governments throughout the state to help small businesses control, reduce, or eliminate toxic pollution sources.

  • Pollution Prevention by Business Type
    Business sector-specific opportunities for process changes and safer alternatives for dangerous waste.

  • Pollution Prevention Information and Planning
    Pollution prevention planning is required for many businesses. Pollution prevention practices benefit industry by lowering a company's operational and environmental compliance costs by reducing or preventing the generation of waste.

  • Pollution Prevention Resources for Schools and Analytical Labs
    Ecology is working with businesses and schools to find safer alternatives to reduce, or even eliminate the use of toxic metals.

  • Pollution Prevention Success Stories
    Learn how companies have successfully reduced the amount of dangerous waste they produce, streamlined production processes, and saved money by implementing pollution prevention practices.

  • Toxic Metals Prevention
    Working to reduce or eliminate toxic metals from Washington pollution prevention planners' processes.


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2014 Planning Fee has been known by two names, the "Pollution Prevention Planning Fee" and the "Hazardous Waste Planning Fee". To eliminate confusion, we will continue to only use the "Hazardous Waste Planning Fee". Please update all records to reflect this change.

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