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Dangerous Waste Regulations WAC 173-303

Introductory Regulations

173-303-010 Purpose.
173-303-016 Identifying solid waste.
173-303-017 Recycling processes involving solid waste.
173-303-020 Applicability.
173-303-030 Abbreviations.
173-303-040 Definitions.
173-303-045 References to EPA's hazardous waste and permit regulations.
173-303-050 Department of ecology cleanup authority.
173-303-060 Notification and identification numbers.

Dangerous Waste Designations

173-303-070 Designation of dangerous waste.
173-303-071 Excluded categories of waste.
173-303-072 Procedures and bases for exempting and excluding wastes.
173-303-073 Conditional exclusion of special wastes.
173-303-075 Certification of designation.
173-303-077 Requirements for universal waste.
173-303-080 Dangerous waste lists.
173-303-081 Discarded chemical products.
173-303-082 Dangerous waste sources.
173-303-083 Deletion of certain dangerous waste codes following equipment cleaning and replacement.
173-303-084 Reserved.
173-303-090 Dangerous waste characteristics.
173-303-100 Dangerous waste criteria.
173-303-101 Reserved.
173-303-102 Reserved.
173-303-103 Reserved.
173-303-104 Generic dangerous waste numbers.
173-303-110 Sampling and testing methods.

General Recycling Designations

173-303-120 Recycled, reclaimed, and recovered wastes.

Prohibitions and Restrictions

173-303-121 Reserved.
173-303-130 Containment and control of infectious wastes.
173-303-140 Land disposal restrictions.
173-303-141 Treatment, storage, or disposal of dangerous waste.

Spills and Division Dilution

173-303-145 Spills and discharges into the environment.
173-303-150 Division, dilution, and accumulation.


173-303-160 Containers.
173-303-161 Overpacked containers (labpacks).

Generators Requirements

173-303-170 Requirements for generators of dangerous waste.
173-303-180 Manifest.
173-303-190 Preparing dangerous waste for transport.
173-303-200 Accumulating dangerous waste on-site.
173-303-201 Special accumulation standards.
173-303-202 Special requirements for generators of between two hundred twenty and two thousand two hundred pounds per month that accumulate dangerous waste in tanks.
173-303-210 Generator recordkeeping.
173-303-220 Generator reporting.
173-303-230 Special conditions.

Transporter Requirements

173-303-240 Requirements for transporters of dangerous waste.
173-303-250 Dangerous waste acceptance, transport, and delivery.
173-303-260 Transporter recordkeeping.
173-303-270 Discharges during transport.

General Treatment. Storage, and
Disposal Facility (TSDF) Requirements

173-303-280 General requirements for dangerous waste management facilities.
173-303-281 Notice of intent.
173-303-282 Siting criteria.
173-303-283 Performance standards.
173-303-290 Required notices.
173-303-300 General waste analysis.
173-303-310 Security.
173-303-320 General inspection.
173-303-330 Personnel training.
173-303-335 Construction quality assurance program.
173-303-340 Preparedness and prevention.
173-303-350 Contingency plan and emergency procedures.
173-303-355 Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act Title III coordination.
173-303-360 Emergencies.
173-303-370 Manifest system.
173-303-380 Facility recordkeeping.
173-303-390 Facility reporting.
173-303-395 Other general requirements.

Interim Status TSDF Standards

173-303-400 Interim status facility standards.

Specific Recycling Requirements

173-303-430 Reserved.
173-303-440 Reserved.
173-303-500 Recycling requirements for state-only dangerous waste.
173-303-505 Special requirements for recyclable materials used in a manner constituting disposal.
173-303-506 Special requirements for the recycling of spent CFC or HCFC refrigerants.
173-303-510 Special requirements for dangerous wastes burned for energy recovery.
173-303-515 Standards for the management of used oil.
173-303-520 Special requirements for reclaiming spent lead acid battery wastes.
173-303-522 Special requirements for recycling spent antifreeze.
173-303-525 Special requirements for recyclable material utilized for precious metal recovery.

"Special Waste" TSDF Standards

173-303-550 Reserved Special Requirements for facilities managing special waste.
173-303-560 Minimum standards for facilities managing special waste.

Universal Waste

173-303-573 Standards for universal waste management.
173-303-575 Reserved.

Military Munitions

173-303-578 Military munitions.

Final Status TSDF Requirements

173-303-600 Final facility standards.
173-303-610 Closure and postclosure.
173-303-620 Financial requirements.
173-303-630 Use and management of containers.
173-303-640 Tank systems.
173-303-645 Releases from regulated units.
173-303-646 Corrective action.
173-303-650 Surface impoundments.
173-303-655 Land treatment.
173-303-660 Waste piles.
173-303-665 Landfills.
173-303-670 Incinerators.
173-303-675 Drip pads.
173-303-680 Miscellaneous units.
173-303-690 Air emission standards for process vents.
173-303-691 Air emission standards for equipment leaks.
173-303-692 Air emission standards for tanks, surface impoundments, and containers.
173-303-693 Dangerous waste munitions and explosives storage.
173-303-695 Containment buildings.

Extremely Hazardous Waste TSDF Requirements at Hanford

173-303-700 Requirements for the Washington state extremely hazardous waste management facility at Hanford.


173-303-800 Permit requirements for dangerous waste management facilities.
173-303-801 Types of dangerous waste management facility permits.
173-303-802 Permits by rule.
173-303-803 Permit application requirements.
173-303-804 Emergency permits.
173-303-805 Interim status permits.
173-303-806 Final facility permits.
173-303-807 Trial burns for dangerous waste incinerator final facility permits.
173-303-808 Demonstrations for dangerous waste land treatment final facility permits.
173-303-809 Research, development and demonstration permits.
173-303-810 General permit conditions.
173-303-815 Facility-specific permit conditions.
173-303-820 Reserved.
173-303-825 Reserved.
173-303-830 Permit changes.
173-303-840 Procedures for decision making.

Appeal of Decision

173-303-845 Appeal of decision.

Public Involvement

173-303-900 Public involvement and participation.
173-303-902 Citizen/proponent negotiations.
173-303-905 Response to requests for public records.
173-303-910 Petitions.

Violations and Special Powers

173-303-950 Violations and enforcement.
173-303-960 Special powers and authorities of the department.


173-303-9901 Flow chart for designating dangerous wastes.
173-303-9902 Narrative for designating dangerous wastes.
173-303-9903 Discarded chemical products list.
173-303-9904 Dangerous waste sources list.
173-303-9905 Dangerous waste constituents list.
173-303-9906 Special waste bill of lading.
173-303-9907 Persistent dangerous waste graph.