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This page will help you learn how to use the CSPA Reporting Application to report information under the Children's Safe Product Act Reporting Rule (WAC 173-334). Click on the links to see a screenshot of each step.

To go directly to the database, proceed to Children’s Safe Product Act Product Entry.

Last updated June 27, 2014

What if my organization has not been registered?

First, register your organization. The registration is a two-step process:
  • First, you will register with SecureAccess Washington. You must keep track of the login information for your company, and ensure that someone at your company can access your account.
  • Second, you will register for the CSPA Reporting Application. When you register, you will receive a PIN. Don’t use another organization’s PIN to register unless you are an employee of that organization. If you have a PIN given to you by another company, you will use it later to report on their behalf.
You can use the Manage Your Organization tab to manage your contact information, what companies can report on your behalf, and request confidential treatment of supplier information.

What if I am an employee of an organization that has already registered?

If your organization is registered, obtain the PIN for your organization from the person who registered the organization. You can use this PIN when registering to Join an Organization. You should not use an organization’s PIN when registering unless you are an employee of that organization.

What if I am reporting on behalf of another company?

If you are Reporting on Behalf of Another Company, register your own organization first and obtain your own PIN (see "What if my organization has not been registered?" above). Then select "Non-Accountable Organization." You will use the other company’s PIN when you create reports.

How do I use the database?

You can use the database to Create and Manage Reports. You can create, view, edit, delete, copy, and submit reports. You can also request that Ecology evaluate whether a report should be held as confidential business information.

For additional information on how to comply with the Children's Safe Product Act Reporting Rule, consult the Reporting Rule Guidance.