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How Your Tier Two Data Can Save Lives

Photo: first responders approach burning buildingA new phone app, which pulls from Tier Two data, helps emergency responders determine what chemicals are within facilities before entering.

Andy Wineke, Washington State Department of Ecology

Changes to the Dangerous Waste Regulations Coming Soon

Image: dangerous waste regulations

Ecology plans to update the Dangerous Waste Regulations. We’ll amend specific sections to incorporate new federal hazardous waste rules for pharmaceutical waste and solvent wipes.

Rob Rieck, Washington State Department of Ecology

Two Chemicals Added to the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) List of Reportable Chemicals: Nonylphenol Reports due July 2016; 1-bromopropone Reports due in 2017

Photo: virtual paint training

A new nonylphenol chemical category has been added to the list of reportable chemicals to TRI. Learn more about what you need to report and when.

Diane Fowler, Washington State Department of Ecology

Making Connections – Earth Day and the Cleanup of Polluted Sites

Photo: products with safer choice labelLearn about the history of Earth Day and how the environmental movement in the 70s brought about the laws we have in place today to protect our state from pollution.

Kerry Graber, Washington State Department of Ecology

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Certified Training Course, June 8th and 9th, 2016

Photo: glass trophiesThe Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is the world’s leading framework for sustainability or corporate social responsibility reporting. Sustainability has moved far beyond philanthropy and ethics. It’s now at the heart of corporate strategy and competitive advantage. Read about how your business can attend this training at start reporting to GRI.

Linda Glasier, Washington State Department of Ecology

New Poster Helps Minimize Confusion About Environmental Reporting Requirements

Image: survey resultsThis poster highlights the most common reports required from Ecology, and is illustrated to help businesses understand what to report, why they must report, and when reports are due. You can order free copies from us or you can print your own. If your facility has several reports to submit, this poster is for you!

Janna Ryan and Stephanie Malham, Washington State Department of Ecology

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