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How to Manage Used Oil and Spent Antifreeze

In Ecology’s Central Region, as in all Regions, we work with our facilities to help generators get up to speed on the state’s rules. We do this through both scheduled technical assistance visits and unannounced inspections for compliance with the Washington State Dangerous Waste Rules, WAC 173-303. Amy Cook, Washington State Department of Ecology

Lean and Green Project Saves Heath Tecna $125,000

Heath Tecna, Inc. (now part of Zodiac Aerospace) manufactures composite interior parts for airplanes, such as closets and overhead bins. By adding environmental waste reduction to their Lean manufacturing efforts, the Bellingham company will save $125,000 each year. Rob Reuter and Mariann Cook Andrews, Washington State Department of Ecology

Coding Changes May Affect Your 2013 Dangerous Waste Annual Report

The New Year means it’s time for your Dangerous Waste Annual Report. The 2013 Reports are due to Ecology by March 1, 2014. You’ll see changes to TurboWaste.Net, Ecology’s online reporting software. Some of these help prevent errors, and some come from changes by the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Kathleen Kaynor, Washington State Department of Ecology

A True "Blast from the Past" - Fire Grenades

People once used the glass balls filled with carbon tetrachloride as fire extinguishers. When thrown, at the base of a fire the glass would break and release a gas that would extinguish the fire by displacing oxygen. People used them from the 1800s until the early 1950s, when their toxicity led to their withdrawal. Rachel Best, Washington State Department of Ecology and Charles Cromwell, Snohomish County

Hazardous Substance Inventory Reports (Tier Two) Due March 1, 2014

Do you store hazardous substances on site? Maybe you have a large gasoline tank, or a supply of chlorine? If so, you need to review your records to see whether you should file Tier Two – Emergency and Hazardous Chemical Inventory reports with emergency agencies. Ecology's Community Right to Know Specialists

Understanding Green Chemistry

You may have heard or read the term “green chemistry” in the last few years. Would you like to know what it means for design and manufacturing? You can learn about this approach to chemistry and creating products on these Ecology web pages. Saskia van Bergen, Washington State Department of Ecology

Stay Informed About the State and Hazardous Waste Plan (Beyond Waste) - Addressing Toxics Bans and Waste Trends

Ecology is updating the Beyond Waste Plan, the state’s solid and hazardous waste management and prevention plan. We are gathering input from a variety of interested parties on how we can reach our 2035 vision of eliminating most wastes and toxics. Chis Chapman, Washington State Department of Ecology

Auto Recyclers Collect 200,000th Mercury Switch from Salvaged Cars

Automobile recyclers in Washington have prevented 445 pounds of mercury from entering the environment. They did this by removing switches that contain mercury from cars before salvaging them. Recyclers collected their 200,000th mercury switch since Ecology started the collection program in 2006. Kathy Davis, Washington State Department of Ecology