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Rulemaking: Dangerous Waste Regulations

By Rob Rieck

Dangerous Waste Regulations book being edited

Ecology is amending the Dangerous Waste Regulations, Chapter 173-303 WAC, and we expect to adopt the new rules in late 2018. We’re updating our rules to align with EPA regulations and make other necessary changes.

In February 2016 we filed a pre-proposal rulemaking notice which included rule changes for:

  • Dangerous waste pharmaceuticals.
  • Exclusions for solvent-contaminated wipes.
  • Changes to the definition of solid waste.
  • Revisions to export provisions for the cathode ray tube exclusion.

In February 2017 we filed an updated pre-proposal rulemaking notice to add EPA’s 2016 Generator Improvements Rule (GIR), along with new regulations for electronic manifesting and import/export requirements. We have drafted the new rules.

The GIR is a major reorganization of existing generator rules to make them more usable and easier to understand. Similar to the EPA's approach, Ecology consolidated all the requirements applicable to each generator category—small, medium, and large quantity generator (SQG, MQG, LQG)—in one place, greatly reducing cross-reference searching. Other helpful draft changes include allowances for SQG and MQG episodic waste generation, and an allowance for an LQG site to receive dangerous waste from SQG sites that are under the same ownership or control as the LQG site.

We need your input

Ecology encourages the public to provide input on the GIR. The draft rules will be available for a 60-day public review and comment period soon—join the dangerous waste rules listserv to get updates on the comment period and upcoming meetings. Last year we held a public comment period on the draft rules proposed February 2016, so we are only seeking comment on the proposed GIR changes during this review period.

Please visit the dangerous waste rulemaking website for information.