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How do I identify a dangerous waste stream?

On your annual report, you fill out a GM or WR Form for each waste stream. A waste stream can be thought of as a single waste or group of similar types of waste from one or more processes.

Possible characteristics of a single waste stream are:

  • It may be a combination of EPA and state-only waste codes, for example D001, F003, and WT02.
  • It may only have state-only waste codes, for example WT02 and WP02.
  • It may only have EPA waste codes, for example D001 and F003.
  • It either designates as DW or EHW, not both. Report a waste stream that is sometimes EHW and sometimes DW as two separate waste streams on separate GM or WR Forms.
    • When the waste stream is D001, F003, and WT02, it is one waste stream, and
    • When the waste stream is D001, F003, and WT01 it is a different waste stream.
  • It is a mixed radioactive waste or is not. Do not combine mixed radioactive waste (see Definitions) with non-radioactive waste in the same waste stream. Report them on different GM or WR Forms.
  • It has only one Source Code, Form Code, and Origin Code.

Follow the guidelines listed above and use your best judgment to decide what an individual waste stream is.