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Benefits of Electronic Reporting With TurboWaste.Net

TurboWaste.Net is the Department of Ecology's electronic reporting software for the Dangerous Waste Annual Report.

By using TurboWaste.Net, you can complete and submit all your required annual report forms using the Internet. You can hand enter your information into Web forms, copy waste stream information from a previous annual report, or import files from your own data system. You can screen your reporting forms for common mistakes with a series of validation checks. Last, you click the “Submit” button to send your report forms to Ecology.

Internet reporting forms are identical to the paper forms with added features and functions that only electronic forms can provide.

There are several reasons to use TurboWaste.Net for reporting:

  • Save  time - you can get all your forms, complete your forms, validate your data and submit all required forms at one time. You can import or copy forms from a previous year to save data entry time.
  • Save money you won't have to upgrade your software and computers. It will also save you a little in mailing costs.
  • We also want to reduce Ecology’s development and maintenance costs to save tax dollars in years to come.
  • Be software and hardware independent. You don't need any specific hardware or software. All you need is a connection to the Internet and you can report on-line. There is no software to load onto your personal computer.
  • High speed connections such as DSL or cable will give you a better user experience if you have many waste streams to report.
  • Using the internet enables you to receive all current information about reporting requirements, forms, and instructions instantly.