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Printing TurboWaste.Net Forms

  1. Log on to TurboWaste.
  2. Open your site file by clicking on your Site ID number.
  3. Click on View Submitted Data.

4.  Click on the Print link for the Site ID form that needs to be printed.

5. Click on the Select a Format drop down.

6. Select Acrobat (PDF) file from the drop down.

7. Click on Export.

8. A "File Download Text" box will open. Click on the open button.

9. A PDF copy of your Site ID form will open. Click on the printer icon and your report will print.

10. Close the PDF file by clicking on the red X located in the top right corner of the file.

11. Click the red X to close print file.

12. Once you have closed the PDF and Print file you will be back on the Reporting History Page that you found your Site ID form on.

Please stop here if you are a Small Quantity Generator (SQG), or a No Quantity Generator (XQG). If you are a Medium Quantity Generator(MQG), Large Quantity Generator(LQG), or TSD please continue with the directions.

13. Go to the Annual Reporting year that you wish to print. You will find 3 links in the middle of the box. The first link is your GM Forms. Click on GM Waste Streams.

14. Find the Print all GM Waste Streams link located in between the box that has your reporting year and the box titled GM Waste Streams.

15. This will open the Print file again. Please follow steps 5-12 to print your forms. This option will print all of your GM forms no matter how many you have.

16. To continue printing your forms you will follow steps 13-15 by clicking on the next form that you need to print. If you are an MQG or an LQG this will be the OI Facilities link. If you are a TSD you will click on the WR Waste Streams. Do not click on links that have (0) behind them because there aren’t any forms to print for your report.