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My Watershed


The following is a list of acronyms commonly used in this document:


CFR - Code of Federal Regulations

DW - Dangerous Waste

EHW - Extremely Hazardous Waste

GM - Generation and Management Form

LQG - Large Quantity Generator

LQHUW - Large Quantity Handler of Universal Waste

MQG - Medium Quantity Generator

MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet

NAICS -North American Industry Classification System

NPDES - National Pollutant discharge Eliminations Systems

OI - Off-Site Identification Form

POTW -  Publicly Owned Treatment Works

PBR - Permit-by-Rule

QEL -  Quantity Exclusion Limit

RCRA - Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

RCW -  Revised Code of Washington

Site ID - Site Identification

 SQG - Small Quantity Generator

TBG - Treatment-by-Generator

TCLP - Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure

TSDR - Treatment/Storage/Disposal/Recycling Facility

UIC - Underground Injection Control

WAC - Washington Administrative Code

WT - Washington Toxics

WP - Washington Persistant

WR - Waste Received Form

XQG - No Quantity Generator