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General Questions

1. Can other people see my company’s data?

The public does not have direct access to TurboWaste.Net data. Prior to "officially" submitting your data to Ecology, only you or an authorized representative of your company can see your dangerous waste data.

Once your data has been submitted, Ecology staff will also have access to it.

Submitted annual report data is a public record and is releasable according to the Public Disclosure Act.  The TurboWaste.Net application is not available to the public under the Act. Data from submitted TurboWaste.Net annual reports and Notifications is copied to a separate database for public disclosure purposes.


2. How do I report electronically if my site had several owners during the reporting year?

Both owners need to fill out Annual Report forms for the period of time they owned the business. Please call Ecology staff for help at 1-800-874-2022 (from within the state) or (360) 407-6170. You can also E-mail Ecology at

Important!  If you are the previous owner and you did not submit a Notification to withdraw your RCRA Site ID Number check the Withdrawal box at the top of your Annual Report Site ID Form. For the effective date enter the last date you owned the business. In other words, you can use the same Site ID Form for your annual report and as a Notification.

If the new owner manages regulated amounts of dangerous wastes, they will need to file a Site ID Form Notification  to activate the RCRA Site ID Number effective the date their ownership or waste activities began. The new owner cannot use the RCRA Site ID Number if it is withdrawn. The new owner may also need to file an Annual Report for the same year.