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My Watershed

Submitting Data

1. When I save the Site ID Form is it submitted to Ecology?

No, once the Site ID Form is created, and you have reviewed it for corrections and any required information that is missing click the Save button at the bottom of the form page. You will then be returned to the Annual Reporting Checklist. The form has not been sent to Ecology at this point!

If your site is a Small Quantity Generator, or a site that did not generate regulated waste such as a transporter, click on Step 2, Validate Your Annual Report Data, make any corrections as needed, then click Step 3, Review Your Annual Report, then click Step 4, Submit Your Annual Report.

Medium or Large Quantity Generators, or TSDR facilities receiving waste from off-site are required to report waste stream information. The additional forms are listed on the Annual Report Checklist web page. Fill out the forms that are required for your regulatory status. When finished, follow the Validation, Review, then Submit steps.

2. What if I need to amend/change a report after it has been submitted?

Before you send your data to Ecology you can make any changes, additions etc. After you submit your report, your records are locked and cannot be altered.

Call or E-mail Ecology staff if you need to change annual reporting data that has been submitted. Ecology staff will un-lock your submitted data. You can make changes and re-submit the corrected records.

Note: If you change your annual report after it is submitted the date received will not change.

Call Ecology staff at 1-800-874-2022 (from within the state) or (360) 407-6170. You can also E-mail Ecology at TurboWaste@ecy.wa.gov.

3. I have no errors, why can't I get past the Validation Report Results screen to submit my report to Ecology?

Go to the top of the page and click on the Annual Report Checklist link. This will take you back to where you need to be. Scroll down to Step 3 and click on Review Your Annual Report, click Yes, then scroll down to Step 4 and click Submit Your Annual Report, to finish sending it to Ecology.

4. Do I still need to mail the pre-printed Site ID Form to Ecology if I file my annual report on the Internet?

NO.  Do not mail paper copies of your annual reports if you file on the Internet.

5. How do I know that Ecology has my annual report if I file it on the Internet?

Go to the Reporting History screen. You will see the date it was submitted to Ecology. Ecology will also send you an automatic e-mail response when your report is received.

Note: If you change your annual report after it is submitted the date received will not change.