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How do I count my wastes for my annual report?

You are required to know how much dangerous waste you generate each month. This is called “counting.” You need to count your waste to determine your generator status.

For more information about how and what to count, see:

In your Annual Report, you must report as your highest generator status in any month in the calendar year. This means that if you were a large quantity generator (LQG) in September, but were a small quantity generator (SQG) the rest of the year, you must report as a LQG.

Annual Report Counting Quick Tips

Use these tips only as a quick reference. Remember: you are responsible for following the Dangerous Waste Regulations.

Count these dangerous wastes for reporting:

  • All dangerous waste generated each month.
  • Dangerous waste sent off site for management.
  • Dangerous waste managed on site, including waste:
    • Recycled on site (e.g., distillation of solvent).
    • Treated, stored, or recycled on site before direct discharge to a POTW as domestic sewage.
    • Entering a Treatment-by-Generator Unit.

Don't count these dangerous wastes for reporting: