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File Your Dangerous Waste Annual Report Using TurboWaste.Net!

Which reports does my company need to submit?

Common Environmental Reports describes who needs
to complete what reports and when each one is due.
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Ecology's goal is for all generators to file their Dangerous Waste Annual report using TurboWaste.Net.  For more information read the Frequently Asked Questions for TurboWaste.Net and the TurboWaste.Net User Guide. Or just contact us and we will be happy to walk you through the system.

Important Information:

What's New with reporting year 2015:

State Academic Laboratory Rule (Subpart K Rule)
In 2015, Ecology adopted the Academic Laboratory rule. This rule provides alternative methods for managing and reporting some dangerous waste activities for eligible academic entities with laboratories. Please see WAC 173-303-235 for more information concerning eligibility.

Changes include:

  • The addition of Section 10D parts 1 and 2 to the Site ID form.
  • The addition of a new Source Code (G17) for reporting qualifying academic laboratory waste for use on the Generation and Management form (GM).

Printing Solutions

If you need information about getting a new EPA/RCRA Site ID number CLICK HERE.  You can get a blank Site ID form to apply for or re-activate your EPA/RCRA Site ID number if your site is generating or managing regulated amounts of dangerous waste.  Please fill out, sign, and mail the form to Ecology. Ecology must have a signed form on file for all active EPA/RCRA Site ID numbers.

Please call Ecology at 1-800-874-2022 (within WA state only) or 360-407-6170 or e-mail us if you:

  • Have a dial-up connection.
  • Cannot submit your report electronically.
  • Received the report notice in error.
  • Have questions about how to use TurboWaste.Net to file your report.