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Notification of Dangerous Waste Activities

RCRA Site Identification Number

A RCRA Site Identification Number (also known as an EPA/RCRASite ID number) is required for certain facilities managing wastes under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). The Site ID Form is used by facilities that are required to notify the Department of Ecology (Ecology) that they are involved in these waste activities.

Facilities that have already notified Ecology of their waste management activities may use TurboWaste to update site information or request a pre-filled Site ID form be sent. Information updates should be made when there is a change in ownership, when a business closes, or whenever you would like to update previously submitted site information.

If your business moves to a new location and continues to generate hazardous waste, you must apply for a new RCRA Site ID Number by submitting a new Site Identification form. RCRA Site ID Numbers are not transferable to other physical locations. 

Blank Site ID form and instructions

What is a Site ID number?

Who must submit a Site ID form?

Reactivate Your Site ID number

Withdraw your Site ID number

Revise previously submitted information

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