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Recordkeeping Requirements for Paper and Electronic Forms

"Generator recordkeeping," WAC 173-303-210(2)  requires the generator to keep on premises copies of annual reports and exception reports for a minimum of five years. The generator must keep a copy of his most recent Dangerous Waste Site Identification Form until he is not longer defined as a generator under WAC 173-303.

"Facility recordkeeping," WAC 173-303-390(4) requires permitted facilities that store, treat, or dispose of dangerous waste to keep a copy of unmanifested waste reports, annual reports, and any other reports submitted to the department according to the requirements of the section for three years form the date the report was submitted. Some records must be kept until the facility is closed according to Ecology's regulatory procedures.

Electronic Recordkeeping Requirements

Now that electronic reporting on the Internet is possible,  Ecology allows access to the TurboWaste.Net application to substitute for keeping paper copies of the annual reporting forms on site.

On-site retention of electronic annual reporting data replaces the requirement of WAC 173-303-210(2) and WAC 173-303-390(4) for retaining paper copies of the following Notification or annual report forms:

  • Site Identification (Site ID) form
  • Generation and Management (GM) forms
  • Off-Site Identification (OI) forms, and
  • the Waste Received (WR) forms

You will need to meet the following condition at your site:

  • Ecology must have Internet access to the TurboWaste.Net application and the sites annual reporting data in the event of an emergency or site inspection. Ecology recommends you have several staff with Internet access to ensure that someone will always be available to view your data.
  • If you do not have Internet access you will need printed copies to meet the record retention requirements

The record keeping requirements of WAC 173-303-210(2) and WAC 173-303-390(4) for other forms or records are not affected by this change.