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Site ID Form

Who needs to complete the Site ID Form?

If you had an active RCRA Site ID Number anytime during the Reporting Year you must complete a Site ID form as part of your Dangerous Waste Annual Report. Note: Ecology will only accept originals of the Site ID Form. Copies are not acceptable.

What is the purpose of the Site ID Form?

Your Site ID form contains the most recent location, contact information, generator status, and waste management activities for your facility. Use the Site ID Form to:

  • Update your site information like new owner, new contact person, mailing address or if your site has a change in regulated waste activities.

  • Update your generator status or waste management activities.

  • Withdraw your RCRA Site ID Number if you stopped regulated Dangerous Waste activities at your site, or if you went out of business, or moved off the site during Reporting Year.

  • Reactivate a previously withdrawn RCRA Site ID number.

What special reporting requirements are there for the Site ID Form?

The Site ID Form does not have any special reporting requirements.

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