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What is a Site ID Number?

The RCRA Site ID Number is an identification number used on the Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest (EPA Form 87022) that accompanies and identifies dangerous waste shipments. It is not a license or permit.

A RCRA Site ID Number (ID#) is required by the Washington State Department of Ecology's Dangerous Waste Regulations WAC 173-303-060 for:

  • Sites that generate regulated amounts of dangerous waste
  • Transporters of regulated quantities of dangerous waste
  • Facilities that transfer, store, treat, recycle, or dispose of dangerous waste

The ID Number is assigned to the waste generating site, not to a business, so each different job site could potentially need it's own RCRA Site ID Number.

A RCRA Site ID Number is also required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for generators, transporters and handlers of regulated amounts of federal hazardous wastes. The Washington State RCRA Site ID Number meets federal ID Number requirements.

A RCRA Site ID Number is also used for Dangerous Waste Annual Reporting; a yearly summary of waste generation and management activities at specific locations. The Annual Report is required for all sites with active Site ID Numbers even if the site did not produce dangerous waste in that calendar year. Click here for more information about filing an annual report