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What is the Annual Report?

The Annual Dangerous Waste Report is a set of one or more forms for reporting on dangerous waste generation and management activities in Washington State. Companies who generate, transport, or manage dangerous waste and have an active RCRA Site Identification (ID) Number (for example: WAD 123 456 789) are sent an Annual Report each year.

The reports are due on March 1st, or the closest March working date, of the year after the waste was generated.

Annual dangerous waste reporting for persons with an active Site ID# is required by Dangerous Waste Regulations WAC 173-303-060(5), WAC 173-303-070(8), WAC 173-303-220, and WAC 173-303-390.

Annual reports measure the amount and types of dangerous waste generated each year. The information reported is used to plan Washington State's future capacity to store, transport and dispose of dangerous wastes as well as to provide biennial report information to the Environmental Protection Agency.