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Waste Received (WR) Form

Who needs to complete this form?

All TSDRs that receive dangerous waste from off-site must complete this form.

This includes TSDRs that store or transfer dangerous wastes. Storage/transfer (i.e., pass through) activity means you received a waste from off-site, did not provide any form of treatment, recycling, or disposal to the waste, and then shipped it off-site.

What is the purpose of the WR Form?

The purpose of the WR Form is to collect information about how you manage waste streams you receive from Generators during Reporting Year.

What information do I need to complete the WR Form?

For each dangerous waste stream, you will need to know:

  • How much waste you received from off-site during Reporting Year.
  • The RCRA Site ID Number of the site(s) from which you received waste.
  • How the waste stream was managed (i.e., treated, stored, recycled, and/or disposed) at your facility.

Can I use one WR Form for all waste streams?

No, you must fill out a separate WR form for each waste stream received at your facility.

Do I use the WR Form to report waste I generated or treated at my own site?

Never use the WR Form to report dangerous waste you generated at your own site. Instead, use the GM Form. Even if you treated, stored, recycled, and/or disposed of the waste on-site you need to use the GM Form.

What if I received waste and transferred it off-site?

If you received a waste from off-site, did not provide any form of treatment, recycling or disposal and shipped it off-site you must complete the complete the WR Form, GM Form, and OI Form.

What if I generated a new dangerous waste when I process or treat a waste that I received?

If your facility generated a new dangerous waste when you processed or treated another waste, report the activity as follows:

  • Report the receipt and primary management of the original waste on the WR Form.
  • Report the generation of the residual as a new waste stream on the GM Form.


  • The source of the filtercake, under Section A-7 of the GM Form, will be G25, sludge dewatering.
  • The Origin Code, under Section A-9, will be v, residual from the management of a previously-existing dangerous waste.
  • For Section A-9 a, enter the residual Management Method Code H101, dewatering.

What special reporting requirements are there for the WR Form?

Below are the special reporting requirements for the WR Form:

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