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Nuclear Waste Program

Groundwater Operable Units

The Hanford Site is divided into 11 Groundwater Operable Units.  These units help define the areas of concern at the Hanford Site, and the types of contamination that were disposed of into the soil from the 1940s through most of the 1980s.

These Groundwater Operable Units are labeled according to their location on the Hanford Site. For example, the 100-BC-5 Operable Unit is located in the 100 Area. Environmental cleanup began in the late 1980s and continues on today.

The links below include detailed graphics and information about the Groundwater Operable Units at the Hanford Site.

Groundwater Operable Unit Introduction (pdf)

100-BC-5 Operable Unit (pdf)

100-HR-3-D Operable Unit (pdf)

100-FR-3 Operable Unit (pdf)

100-KR-4 Operable Unit (pdf)

100-NR-2 Operable Unit (pdf)

200-BP-5 Operable Unit (pdf)

200-PO-1 Operable Unit (pdf)

200-UP-1 Operable Unit (pdf)

200-ZP-1 Operable Unit (pdf)

300-FF-5 Operable Unit (pdf)

1100-EM-1 Operable Unit (pdf)