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Nuclear Waste Program

Hanford Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hanford Safe?

Is radiation monitored in the Columbia River?

Is it safe to swim in the Columbia River?

Does anyone get drinking water from the Columbia River?

Who monitors the safety of the agricultural products produced along the Columbia River and in nearby communities?

Is it safe to eat fish from the Columbia River?

How is contaminated groundwater being addressed?

Why is it important to clean up Hanford tanks?

Are Hanford tanks leaking?

Who is responsible for cleaning up Hanford?

What are "normal" environmental radiation levels?

Every place on earth contains naturally occurring background radiation from the soil, rocks, and the sun. As such, scientists can determine baseline numbers for normal environmental radiation levels in an area prior to examining whether plants, animals, or people are receiving contamination from Hanford. To learn more about radiation, visit the Department of Health Office of Radiation Protection website.