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Nuclear Waste Program

Nuclear Waste Program Public Mailing Lists

We offer three mailing lists about nuclear waste cleanup to help the public stay informed and engaged in the decision-making process.

Hanford-Info Email and Postal Mailing

The Tri-Party agencies maintain a Hanford-Info mailing list that serves both postal and email customers. Subscribers receive focus sheets, meeting notices, and comment period announcements. The same information is sent to both postal and email subscribers.

How do I join?

With a subscription to the Hanford-Info email list (listserv), information is emailed to you, saving paper and postage. When you set up your account, you choose what kinds of notices you would like to receive and how frequently. This is a one-way broadcast list, meaning members receive messages from the Tri-Party agencies but cannot "reply all" or initiate messages to all list members.

With a subscription to the Hanford postal mailing list, information is sent to you through the U.S. Postal Service. Please contact Rochelle Twomey (509-372-7950) with your name and mailing address to be added.

Commercial Mixed Radioactive Waste

 Learn when we have comment periods and public meetings about the facilities the Nuclear Waste Program regulates for the storage, treatment, or disposal of waste that is both chemically hazardous and radioactive:

Areva NP, Inc. – A nuclear fuel manufacturer in Richland
Perma-Fix Northwest, Inc. – A waste treatment facility in Richland
Puget Sound Naval Shipyard – A U.S. Navy facility in Bremerton
US Ecology, Inc. – A commercial low-level radioactive waste disposal site north of Richland

You may subscribe online or email indicating that you want to join. Include your first and last name and the email address where you would like to receive messages. You will receive a confirmation email after your information is entered.