Key Documents

Tank Waste Settlement Agreement

Responsiveness Summary: Approval of a Variance to Land Disposal Restrictions at Hanford for Contaminated Beryllium

Tri-Party Agreement and Community Relations Plans

Director's (Final) Determinations

Administrative Orders

Remedial Investigation Work Plan for Hanford Site Releases to the Columbia River, DOE/RL-2008-11, Rev. 0

Environmental Impact Statements

The Tri-Party Agreement and Hanford Public Involvement Plan (formerly the Community Relations Plan)

The Tri-Party Agreement (Hanford Federal Facility Agreement And Consent Order)

Memorandum of Understanding between EPA and Ecology to meet Tri-Party Agreement requirement for a single regulator under RCRA.

2012 Public Involvement Plan (current)

2002 Community Relations Plan

2002 Comments and Responses on the Community Relations Plan

1997 Community Relations Plan

1993 Community Relations Plan

1990 Community Relations Plan

1989 Community Relations Plan

Director's (Final) Determinations

The Tri-Party Agreement (TPA) allows the Director of the Department of Ecology (Ecology) to issue a Determination whenever negotiations to modify the TPA fail to achieve a resolution. The U. S. Department of Energy (DOE) has 30 days to appeal a decision. If DOE does not make an appeal or if an appeal is denied, the determination becomes part of the TPA.

Final Determination on Extension of Tank Waste Treatment Milestones, July 26, 2001
Cover Letter
Final Determination

Final Determination on Double-Shell Tank Integrity Assessments (M-32)
Final Determination

Final Determination on Land Disposal Restriction, March 29, 2000
Cover Letter
Final Determination

Final Determination on High Level Radioactive Tank Waste, March 29, 2000
Cover Letter
Final Determination
Focus Sheet

Administrative Orders

Penalty for Failure to Meet M-32 Tank Waste Milestone
Penalty Notice
Administrative Order

Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)

Commercial Low Level Waste Disposal Facility (US Ecology, Inc.) Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)

Hanford Remedial Action Environmental Impact Statement and Comprehensive Land Use Plan