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Nuclear Waste Program

Ecology Projects


Concerned with cleaning up Hanford's 80-square-miles of contaminated groundwater and protecting the Columbia River from these contaminants.

Environmental Restoration Project

Concerned with soil and water cleanup and protection of environmental resources on and near the Hanford Site.

Tank Waste Storage, Operations, and Closure Project

Concerned with the the safe storage and retrieval of waste from Hanford's 149 single-shell tanks (SSTs) and 28 double-shell tanks (DSTs) .

Tank Waste Disposal Project

Concerned with the safe retrieval, treatment, and disposal of DST and SST waste.

Facility Transition Project

Concerned with the safe decontamination and stabilization of Hanford’s major facilities, including production nuclear reactor and "canyon" processing buildings.

Waste Management Project

Concerned with the permitting and closure of dangerous waste and mixed radioactive/dangerous waste facilities, both on and off the Hanford Site.

Commercial Low-Level Radioactive Waste

As a member of the Northwest Interstate Compact, we help to protect the health and safety of citizens and provide the most economical management of low-level radioactive wastes.