Ecology statement on USDOE's Waste Treatment Plant "Framework" document 

The $13-billion Waste Treatment Plant under construction at Hanford in September 2013. Photo courtesy of Bechtel National, Inc.

September 24, 2013 -- The State is continuing to review the “Hanford Tank Waste Retrieval, Treatment, and Disposition Framework” released today by the U.S. Department of Energy (USDOE). A draft document was provided to Ecology for review.

Initially, elements of the framework appear to have merit, such as the direct feed of tank waste through the Low-Activity Waste Facility of the Waste Treatment Plant. The State believes this would allow some of Hanford’s liquid tank waste to be treated sooner while technical issues are resolved with the Pretreatment Facility. 

But the State requires additional technical information and further details on the schedule before we can determine the adequacy of the framework concepts and to clarify the phased approach. USDOE has committed to providing additional details in early October, and the State looks forward to receiving and evaluating the additional information.

Governor Jay Inslee: “I am pleased that Secretary Moniz has provided the State with the ‘Framework’ document he committed to give me during our meeting in June. We have requested additional technical information to fully understand the details of the phased approach for the treatment of waste in Hanford’s aging tanks.”

For more information on the Waste Treatment Plant, please see Ecology's Tank Waste Disposal Project and Tank Waste Treatment News. For more information on Hanford tanks, please see Ecology's Tank Storage, Operations & Closure Project and Frequently Asked Questions: Leaking underground tanks at Hanford. You can also email or call 800-321-2008.