Washington's Coast
Washington State Department of Ecology

Erosional scarp at Westhaven State Park, Westport
What's happening: Coastal Erosion Study
Ocean Shores: erosion hits near homes
Washaway Beach: ongoing, rapid erosion
Ft. Canby: waves carve into a campground
Westport: waves plow through a park
Leadbetter Point: a shifting spit
Dams: reducing sand supply
Jetties: changing the coast

Tsunami warning sign, Ocean Shores Waves
Big waves: how big are they?
Rip currents: the powerful pull of the sea
Sneaker waves: slammed by surprise
Tsunamis: the extreme hazard
Offshore fault: triggers tsunamis

Storm brewing off the coast of Washington Storms
Extreme weather: high winds and rain
El Niño: climate change
Beach changes: storms bite the beach

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