Coastal Zone Information Resources for Washington State

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This page provides access to information resources on coastal zone management and the characteristics of the Washington coastal zone. We’ve also included what we regard as generally useful information that has a national or international scope, which with a measure of discretion, is more-or-less applicable to Washington State. Organizing such a mass of information ranging across the public policy - resource management - applied scientific spectrum is daunting. Policy-makers, scientists, and members of the general public are not familiar with each other’s "jargon" so that the simple labeling or indexing of topics is a challenge.

For this first edition of this information resource we’ve chosen to do the simplest thing possible - we've organized it like a telephone book topical directory (aka the "yellow pages") with some measure of cross indexing. Users familiar with the terminology of coastal zone management should have an easy time of finding things. Persons unfamiliar with the terminology of coastal zone management may benefit from first scrolling down through this page. You can always search for a key word or phrase by calling up the "Find" pop-up search window (Control+F in Windows or Command+F on a Macintosh) and entering your search terms(s).

Unless otherwise labeled, all references are to a web site. Some entries refer to technical reports or symposia papers.

Bulkheading, Bulkheads: see Coastal Erosion - Management

Climate Change: see Sea Level Rise and Climate Change

Coastal Erosion - Management

Coastal Hazards

Coastal Zone Management - General

Coastal Zone Management - Washington

Docks, Piers, and Wharves: see Overwater Structures

Environmental Education

Environmental Management - General

Geography and Mapping

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Ocean Policy and Management - General

Overwater Structures

Ports - Public

Professional Societies

Public Trust Doctrine - Washington

Puget Sound

Sea Level Rise and Climate Change - National & Global

Sea Level Rise and Climate Change - Pacific Northwest & Washington

Shoreline Armoring: see Coastal Erosion - Management

"Soft" Armoring: see Coastal Erosion - Management

Tides - Prediction and Records

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