Flood Plain Management


2013 Puget Sound Coordinated Investment Projects and 2014 Statewide
Floodplain Management and Control Grant Awards

The 2013 Washington State Legislature provided Ecology with $50 million in grant funds for floodplain management and control projects. The Legislature directed that $33 million be provided to nine specified multi-benefit floodplain projects in the Puget Sound basin that were early examples of the Floodplains by Design concept. An additional $5.75 million was awarded to two separate flooding projects specified in the budget. Ecology awarded $11 million in grant funds towards thirteen flood hazard reduction projects through a competitive process that will also improve natural resource management, such as habitat restoration and water quality protection. This innovative $50 million funding program supports a multi-benefit approach to floodplain management. The objective is to address both the need to reduce flood risk to people and property, and the need to improve the natural function of our river systems. The nine Puget Sound floodplain projects included in the budget proviso exemplify this multi-benefit management approach, which is now termed “Floodplains by Design.” MORE

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2014 Statewide Floodplain Management and Control Grants

Through a statewide competitive process, 13 projects totaling nearly $11 million were provided funding as part of the $50 million 2013-15 appropriation for floodplain grant projects.  Ecology received 45 applications totaling $39,201,153 in requests for the 2014 Competitive Grants program. Ecology Floods staff, assisted by outside environmental experts, reviewed, rated, and ranked the applications. The top thirteen competitive projects clearly demonstrated cost-effective flood hazard reduction to people, property, critical facilities and/or transportation corridors. Those projects were also designed to achieve ecosystem benefits such as salmon recovery actions, water quality improvements, habitat restoration, and channel migration zone protections. The following 13 applications received  funding. 

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