Flood Plain Management


Floodplains by Design 2017-19 New Projects Request

Ecology opened the project solicitation and review process for the 2017-19 state biennium in October 2015. Pre-proposals for projects were due by January 29, 2016. We included a new project type, which we call “Small Projects”. This project type is intended to provide up to $500,000 for the same project elements as the regular program, but which are less costly and smaller in scale. This will allow smaller projects to compete within their own pool, and not compete against the larger scale projects.

Ecology and our Floodplains by Design partners, the Puget Sound Partnership and The Nature Conservancy, reviewed the pre-proposals. Of the 56 pre-proposals submitted 35 of them were invited to submit full applications. Summary spreadsheets have been created for projects advanced and not advanced. All local project sponsors have been notified of their pre-proposal status. Full applications by local sponsors were due by July 1, 2016. After the applications were received the technical review was performed, where ecosystem restoration and flood hazard reduction specialists scored all projects against our scoring criteria. The scoring criteria and other grant program information is available in our Floodplains by Design Funding Guidelines

The final ranked list was put together by Ecology and our partners The Nature Conservancy and Puget Sound Partnership. This list will support a $70 million capital budget request by Ecology for the 2017-19 state biennium. Additional qualifying projects are also listed as alternates in case there are changes to the list during legislation. The final funding package, including which projects are funded, will be determined by the legislative budget making process. We expect to know the outcome in late spring of 2017 when the state budget is complete.