Flood Plain Management

Risk MAP: Understanding your floodplain for homeowners

The Risk MAP (Mapping, Assessment and Planning) program works for Washington’s local communities. As FEMA revises flood maps in your area we work directly with your local government to provide tools and expertise to better manage flood risk.

We work with your local community but we can also assist you personally. We can tell you if you’re in a floodplain, understand how changes can impact flood insurance and learn how to reduce your personal risk.

Is my home in a floodplain?

It is important to first contact your local government to understand your local regulations around the floodplain.

If your county does not currently have a Risk MAP project, you can still use our interactive Coastal Atlas to view FEMA flood maps that are currently adopted. This can tell you if your home is currently in a floodplain.

Once you navigate to your community you can click the map for local floodplain contact information. Once you’ve contacted your local government, we can answer technical questions about FEMA flood maps and the data that supports them. We can connect you with our regional floodplain specialist to answer questions about how the National Flood Insurance Program and local government regulations effect you.

Why is my flood map being updated?

Flooding is the most costly and preventable natural disaster in Washington state. Flood hazards are dynamic and change over time. FEMA is the national agency responsible for flood insurance studies and flood mapping. We are responsible for helping Washington communities manage floodplains.

As part of our duty, we partner with FEMA to determine where to update flood maps. We prioritize flood map revisions based on the age of a community’s current map, whether the information is still accurate and whether your area is growing with new development. See Washington’s flood risk portfolio to understand how we prioritize flood hazard mapping statewide.

Where are the current projects in Washington?

If your county has a Risk MAP project, then information on who to contact can be found on the project page. You can visit the Risk MAP project portal to view projects across the state and see where flood maps are currently being updated. This page has an interactive map viewer where you can navigate to your community’s project, get contacts and project-specific information.

View all Risk MAP projects in Washington and see if your county has a project underway. Get a project summary, schedule and contact information.

Contact us

If you have questions about Risk MAP or flood hazard mapping, contact Jerry Franklin at (360) 407-7470.

If you have questions about the National Flood Insurance Program or floodplain regulations contact our regional floodplain specialists.

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