Flood Plain Management

Risk MAP: Our flood prevention planning program

Ecology leads floodplain management in Washington. We provide technical assistance to local communities to help them better plan within the floodplain. We work to reduce losses to life and property, and protect the natural environmental functions and values of floodplains.

We partner with the Federal Agency Management Agency (FEMA) to run the Risk MAP program in Washington State. We give local communities the tools and expertise to better understand their flood risk. Risk MAP delivers high-quality data, risk assessment tools and mitigation expertise to communities, tribes, and state and local agencies in their efforts to reduce the risks from natural hazards including floods, earthquakes, wildfire and landslides.

What's Risk MAP?

The federal Risk MAP program gives quality mapping and data to local communities. Ecology coordinates Risk MAP in Washington



Use the Risk MAP data to evaluate, assess and plan for flood damage prevention projects. This information can advance agency efforts to prevent loss to life and property



Do you know your risk from flooding? Understand where your property lies in the floodplain. We work with you to help you understand and evaluate your exposure


Washington's Projects

See what Risk MAP projects are underway and complete across the state to reduce local community flood risk


Contact us

If you have questions about Risk MAP or flood hazard mapping, contact Jerry Franklin at 360-407-7470.

If you have questions about the National Flood Insurance Program or floodplain regulations, contact our regional floodplain specialists.

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