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List of Projects for 2015-2017 Capital Budget Funding

Ecology submitted a budget request of $50 Million for 22 proposed projects for the 2015-17 biennium. The Legislature passed a capital budget which included $35.5 million for Floodplains by Design. As a result the project list was adjusted to reflect available funding.

The table below shows the 7 projects that have been included in the budget selected by Ecology and the Legislature for Floodplains by Design funding. Note that the South Fork Nooksack project was removed by legislative action, not by Ecology. All other projects remain in their original ranked order.  (See the bulleted list below the table for the complete project list and for information on steps of the funding process.)

Ecology FY 2015-17 Floodplains by Design Project List

Rank Project Description Cost Running Total
1 Yakima FP Management Program: Rambler's Park Phase IV and Trout Meadows Phase II $2,123,000 $2,123,000
2 Puyallup Watershed Floodplain Reconnections - Tier 1 $9,217,000 $11,340,000
3 Lower Dungeness River Floodplain Restoration $9,501,000 $20,841,000
4 Boeing Levee/Russell Road Improvements and Floodplain Restoration $4,901,000 $25,742,000
5 Middle Green River/Porter Gateway Protection and Restoration $3,649,000 $29,391,000
6 Cedar River Corridor Plan Implementation $5,000,000 $34,391,000
7 Sustainable Management of the Upper Quinault River Floodplain $560,000 $34,951,000
  Ecology Grant Administration $609,000 $35,560,000
    Total $35,560,000

The funded projects were the result of a multiple-step process.

  • In May 2014, Ecology received 71 project applications, in response to our request for summary project and budget information. Of those 71 projects, 36 projects were invited to submit full grant applications for the FY 2015-2017 FbD program.  Thirty projects then submitted full proposals which were evaluated by technical review teams.
  • Twenty-two of the proposed projects were determined to be highly qualified for FbD funding.   An overview of the grant program and summaries of the 22 projects are available at Proposed Ranked List of Projects for 2015-2017 Capital Budget Funding.
  • In October, 2014 Ecology submitted a ranked list of the top 14 projects.  These projects were proposed for funding through our agency request for $50 million in FbD grant funds.
  • Through the legislative process, the seven projects listed above were identified by the legislature for funding.  Total funding level is $35,560,000.

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