Flood Plain Management


Planning and Grants

Floodplains by Design Request for Projects for the 2017-19 state biennium

In October of 2015 Ecology opened the solicitation for new projects for the next round of Floodplains by Design grants, scheduled for funding beginning July 1, 2017. The pre-proposals, 3-4 page summaries, are relatively short descriptions of the project, including the flood risk reduction, ecosystem improvements and a robust stakeholder involvement process. The Pre-proposals were due to Ecology by January 29, 2016. Ecology, along with our Floodplains by Design partners, the Puget Sound Partnership and The Nature Conservancy reviewed the pre-proposals. Of the 56 pre-proposals received 35 were invited to submit full applications. Summary spreadsheets have been created for those projects advanced and not advanced. Full applications will be accepted beginning in April 2016. Full proposals will be due by July 1, 2016.

Learn more about the proposal process and the Floodplains by Design Funding Guidelines.

Floodplains by Design 2015-17 Grants

For the 2015-17 funding round, the Legislature provided $35,560,000 to fund seven top-priority projects. Through our competitive process, we initially identified 22 proposals that were highly qualified for FbD funding. In October, 2014 Ecology submitted a ranked list of the top 14 projects in support of our agency request for $50 million in FbD grant funds. We are working with the recipients to achieve timely investment of these capital funds.

Learn more at Floodplains by Design 2015-17 Budget Proposal.

Floodplain Management and Control 2013 Competitive Grants Program

The Floodplain Management and Control 2013 Competitive Grants program was created by the legislature for the 2013-15 state fiscal years. These grants are intended to address multiple objectives in the floodplain, including flood hazard reduction and ecosystem benefits. It is a precursor program to the Floodplain by Design program. It provides roughly $11million for projects that address both flood hazards and improve the natural environment. Because this program is funded with capital budget funds, the projects can run 2-4 years before completion.

Ecology received 45 applications totaling $39,201,153 in requests for the 2013 Competitive Grants program. Ecology Floods Staff, assisted by outside environmental experts, reviewed, rated, and ranked the applications. Thirteen applications were the top-ranked projects and have been offered funding. Learn more at Floodplain Management and Control 2013 Competitive Grants program.

Flood Control Assistance Account Program (FCAAP)

Washington has had a Legislatively-established flood control maintenance program for more than 50 years. In 1984, the state Legislature established the Flood Control Assistance Account Program to assist local jurisdictions in comprehensive planning and flood control maintenance efforts. This is one of very few state programs in the country that provides grant funding to local governments for flood plain management planning and implementation actions.

However, due to state budget reductions, Ecology will be unable to offer Flood Control Assistance Account Program (FCAAP) grants through June 30, 2015. We believe this is a temporary situation and Ecology will be able to resume offering grant funding in the next biennum.

Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plans

A guidebook for local governments preparing Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plans outlines a step-by-step public process to:

  • Identify and analyze flood problems
  • Design strategies to solve the problems
  • Locate funds to implement hazard reduction plans

Currently, there are only enough funds for emergency projects.