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Coastal Protection Fund - Terry Husseman Account

The Washington State Legislature created the Coastal Protection Fund (CPF) as a non-appropriated revolving fund to pay for projects that:

  • Restore or enhance environmental, recreational, archaeological, or aesthetic resources for the benefit of Washington’s citizens
  • Investigate the long-term effects of oil spills
  • Develop and implement aquatic land geographic information systems

Payments from penalties issued for water quality violations of the Water Pollution Control Act are deposited into a CPF sub-account called the Terry Husseman Account (THA). The account’s purpose is to honor the past contributions and successes of Mr. Husseman in the field of environmental management. Terry’s last and most senior position in Ecology was as a division director for water management programs (quality, quantity and shore lands). He was known for his energy to negotiate strongly on behalf of environmental issues and for his dedication to bringing diverse interests to the table to find acceptable solutions. He passed away suddenly while still in office, and is missed by many of his former colleagues.

Grants from the THA are issued to eligible entities to support locally sponsored projects to restore or enhance the natural environment. Typical projects address water quality issues and fish and wildlife habitat protection or enhancement related needs.

Terry Husseman Account Overview

Eligible Entities

  • Washington counties, cities, municipalities and other state agencies
  • Other state-recognized local governments (Ports, PUDs, special purpose districts)
  • Federally recognized tribal nations or entities in Washington State

Private entities and non-for profit organizations are not eligible for THA funds. However, they may partner with eligible entities to leverage other funding or add to a project’s total resource needs.

Proposal Solicitation/Application Cycle

Project proposals are normally requested one to two times per year from each of the Department of Ecology’s (ECY) four Regional Offices. Project request cycles depend on current THA balance levels in a region’s sub-account. High account balances can occur when more penalties are issued statewide in one year as compared to other years. High balances also occur when less frequent and larger than normal penalties are issued. This means there may be times when project proposals are requested more often than one or two times per year from any regional office.

For sample application forms or to learn about upcoming project solicitation cycles please contact the appropriate Ecology regional representative listed below.

Grant Awards

Awards for successful proposals vary and are capped at $50,000 per project.

Match or Cost-share

There are no grant award recipient match or cost-share requirements.

Technical Assistance

ECY doesn’t provide assistance for project development, design or implementation. All project responsibilities belong to grant recipients. Any technical assistance needs must be covered by the project proposal and THA grant funds or other available financial or in-kind resources.

Other account use restrictions

These grants cannot be used for salaries/ benefits for any permanent employees associated with the project/grant award for routine management, overhead and operational support costs. Grant funds may be used to cover direct costs of employees working to implement the project or when there are extraordinary project costs that are not part of routine operations.

Account Access

All eligible entities have equal access to the account when project proposals are called for. All eligible applicants will receive equal award consideration for their project proposals.

Project Proposal Evaluations and Grant Award Decisions

Project proposals are evaluated and ranked according to each region’s water quality related protection, restoration, improvement and monitoring priorities. Award decision making also considers existing account balances. Grant award decisions and offers are also based on:

  • Project and associated budget quality
  • Cost of the state’s investment compared with known or expected environmental benefits
  • Readiness of the grantee to proceed with the project
  • A recipient’s known or anticipated ability to competently manage and complete grant-funded environmental projects on time and not exceed projected costs

High priority projects with costs up to $50,000 may be placed on a ‘wait-to-fund’ list if regional subaccount balances are low and more time is needed to successfully fund the project.

How to submit Terry Husseman Account project proposals

THA applications are now available through EAGL (Ecology Administration of Grants and Loans) at the following website

Before you begin filling out the application form, we recommend you contact the appropriate Department of Ecology Regional Office and Shorelands and Environmental Assistance Program staff listed below by e-mail or telephone. They will let you know how much funding is currently available, how many other project requests may already have been submitted and may be waiting for funding, and generally how well your project may fare in our review processes to meet regional environmental restoration or enhancement goals and needs.

Eastern Regional Office: Lynn Schmidt (509) 329-3413
Central Regional Office: Dave Holland (509) 457-7112
Northwest Regional Office: Dave Garland (425) 649-7031
Southwest Regional Office: Tammy Riddell (360) 407-6295


For other general questions or more information about the Terry Husseman Account, please contact the Shorelands and Environmental Assistance Program staff: