Forms and Documents

If awarded, each grant will contain the following documents:

  • Grant Cover Page – contains variable information for each grant recipient
  • Scope of Work – contains the work program plus deliverables that are due to Ecology and the date due
  • Budget
  • Special Terms and Conditions – Terms and conditions specific to the Grant Program
  • Signature Page
  • General Terms and Conditions - general requirements contained in all Ecology grants, and are not negotiable.

In addition, the following forms are federally required at the time of grant signature:


For recipients of federal funds, it is required that positive efforts be made to utilize small businesses, minority-owned firms, and women's business enterprises, whenever possible (OMB Circular A-110 .44(b)(1)-(5). Even though Washington State Initiative I-200 no longer requires participation, state agencies are encouraged to participate on a voluntary basis whenever possible. It remains the State's authority and duty to identify and remove barriers to equal participation in contracting and purchasing. This helps create and sustain an equitable business environment of all qualified and available businesses owned and controlled by minorities, women and all others who may be socially and economically disadvantaged.

In accordance with the provisions of I-200, no contract award or rejection shall be made based on achievement or non-achievement of the goals. However, as a recipient of federal (and state) funds, the Recipient is encouraged to solicit, recruit and achieve minority and women-owned enterprise participation to the maximum extent possible.

Progress Report Forms

Requests for reimbursement must be accompanied by a commensurate progress report that relate key activities conducted during the quarterly reporting period. The report conveys essential information in a simple, concise manner through the use of bulleted summary statements.

  • For recipients whose grant number starts with G12, please use this progress report form (Word file)
  • For recipients whose grant number starts with G14, please use this progress report form (Word file)

Invoicing Forms

There are three different invoicing payment packages (paypaks). Please use the appropriate one to request a payment:

Invoicing Forms
(EXCEL Files)
For recipients whose grant number starts with G12, please use this paypak: For recipients whose grant number starts with G14, please use this paypak: Sample of Sandy Beach payment request

In these invoicing spreadsheets, navigate to the various forms by using the color coded tabs at the bottom of the pages. It’s easiest to start with the D form (if you have consultant services), then go to the C2, B2 and A19-1A forms in that order. More information on invoicing can be found in the budget section of SMP grant agreements.

Grants are subject to the current version of the Administrative Requirements for Ecology Grants and Loans -"The Yellow Book". Administrative requirements are those matters common to all grants and loans including financial management, expenditure and income reporting, contracting procurement and records retention. This document assists in budget development as well as preparing invoices.