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Watershed Management – Implementation of Watershed Plans

The 1998 legislature passed Ch. 90.82 RCW, to set a framework for developing local solutions to watershed issues on a watershed basis. Ch. 90.82 RCW states: The legislature finds that the local development of watershed plans for managing water resources and for protecting existing water rights is vital to both state and local interests.

Current Funding Cycle

Chapter 90.82 RCW - the Watershed Planning Act – authorizes Lead Agencies to apply for funds to manage, administer, and implement a watershed plan developed and approved by the local community. Plans must have been formally adopted by the county boards(s) that have jurisdiction within one or more state WRIAs (water resource inventory areas) where the plans exist to manage water resources in partnership with Ecology.

Applications Accepted Who’s Eligible Eligible Project Types Match Grant Limit
Every two years Lead agencies or other local governmental entities on behalf of sanctioned watershed planning group or council, (counties, cities, special purpose districts and tribal nations) within one or more Water Resource Inventory Areas (WRIAs). Administer the 5 year Phase 4 period to implement the plan and specific watershed projects of a non-capital nature*
*For capital projects see 'Watershed Plan Implementation and Flow Achievement' proviso funding elsewhere in this file.
10 percent
(cash or in-kind services)
Phase 4:
WRIAs are eligible to receive up to $400,000 over a five year period, as follows: Years 1-3: $100k/Yr Years 4-5: $50k/Yr
Special Projects:
Dependent on budget availability.

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