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Washington's Ocean Resources

Since long before statehood, people in the Northwest have relied on ocean resources. Today, these resources remain integral to Washington’s character, quality of life, and economic viability. Ocean resources:

  • Maintain cultural identities.
  • Provide recreational opportunities.
  • Support a stunning array of wildlife.
  • Sustain our economy and coastal communities.
  • Inspire the general public and researchers, and
  • Supply valuable food.

Given their high value and multiple uses, it is important for Washington to protect, understand, and manage our ocean resources and to solve critical issues facing these resources and coastal communities.

Washington’s Ocean and Coastal Resources

Washington has two coasts with distinct issues, resources, communities, and needs: the outer coast and Puget Sound. The State works to improve coastal and ocean resource management through the following complementary efforts:

The Puget Sound Partnership launched an extensive effort to define priority actions needed to restore Puget Sound to a healthy, vibrant ecosystem by 2020. The Ocean Policy Work Group assessed ways for Washington to improve coastal and ocean resource management on the state’s outer coast. The state will act on the recommendations of this group through the State Ocean Caucus.

The Puget Sound Partnership and the State Ocean Caucus will each maintain their unique area of focus, while coordinating on common issues that affect all of Washington’s coastal waters. Together, these state-level efforts provide a foundation for action. However, progress on ocean issues also requires partnering with regional, federal, international, and tribal groups.

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