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Drainage Product Representatives

Use telephone to locate specific materials. For geotextile call regional distributors at:

  • CSI Geosynthetics, Vancouver, WA., 1-800-426-7976
  • Enspec, Seattle, WA., (206) 623-9508
  • Northwest Lining, Seattle, WA., (206) 872-3872
  • Charles Watts, Seattle, WA., (206) 783-8400

Permit Assistance

Local Government Links

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Native Plants

Elizabeth C. Miller Library Center for Urban Horticulture

  • 3501 NE 41st Street
    Seattle, WA 98195


Tree Services

Other Publications

  • Downing, John. 1983. The Coast of Puget Sound: Its Processes and Development. University of Washington Press, Seattle


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