Plant materials do modify soil moisture by removing water from the soils through the root network. Root networks of both woody plants and herbaceous ground covers help stabilize slopes against shallow landsliding and surface erosion. Techniques use native plan species and are widely accepted. Refer to Slope Stabilization and Erosion Control and Managing Vegetation on Coastal Slopes for additional information.


Soil types and moisture conditions must be appropriate for each species selected. Native plant materials are inconsistently available in different areas. Twice a year Hortus Northwest publishes a directory of suppliers of native plant materials such as seed mixes, bare root stock, cuttings, container plants, etc. (see links section for more information).


Plants also strengthen surface soils. Aesthetics. Techniques conducive to many slope configurations. Does not require heavy construction practices and associated slope disturbances. Can be used with other drainage control techniques.


Installation should be done in late fall or early spring. Requires a relatively long time on the slope to perform installation of container plants.