Strip Drains

Strip drains are thin rectangular conduits which can be placed into narrow 4 inches trenches which minimize the degree of disturbance to the slope soils and vegetation. Typical dimensions range from one to two inches wide to 8 to 12 inches high and are pre-wrapped with a geotextile. The strips are used like relief drains described earlier. However, they address low volume flows like groundwater seepage issues. There are fabricated end connections which convert the rectangular drain to conventional circular pipe dimensions. Figure 14 shows a strip drain in a trench.

Figure 14. Strip drain system.


Limited flow capacity. Must be installed across a slope contour instead of down a slope.


Easy to get material rolls onto the slope. Limits the degree of slope disturbance to soil structure and vegetation root systems. Good in highly variably, disturbed areas with limited flow.


Not commonly available at the discount centers. Must call pipe supply center.