A Natural Landscape  
Keep existing native plants for an easy care, low cost attractive landscape.

A Healthier, Easier Landscape

Keep as many existing native plants on your waterfront site as possible. Consider the benefits: less yard work, more erosion protection, more wildlife to see and enjoy, a healthier beach, and a better quality of life.



  • Safer.
    House is adequately set back from water, reducing erosion concerns.  
  • Attractive.
    Surrounding natural landscape makes the house more appealing, increasing value over time.  
  • Low cost.
    Save money on clearing, grading, lawn and plant installation and maintenance.  
  • Erosion prevention.
    Mature native plants such as madrone and salal hold soils in place and help prevent erosion.  
  • Shade.
    Existing trees and shrubs provide shade and cooling for house.  
  • More wildlife.
    Native plants provide food and shelter for birds, butterflies, and other wildlife.  
  • Fish shelter.
    Shrubs near the water provide important shade for fish such as surf smelt.  
  • Less pollution.
    No lawn. No loud mowers, extra water, high nitrogen fertilizer, or weed killers needed.  
  • Easy care.
    A natural landscape needs minimal maintenance and water. Nature is doing the work.  
  • Cons:

  • Requires planning. Keeping native trees and shrubs requires minimal site disturbance.  
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