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  • A Special Thanks

    A special thanks to Wolf Bauer for his generous donation of Puget Sound photographs and many concepts displayed on this site.

  • The Web Site Team

    Hugh Shipman, Washington Department of Ecology, provided photographs, key information, and review.

    Tim Gates & Brian Lynn, Washington Department of Ecology, envisioned this site, provided research, important direction, and review.

    Ginny Broadhurst of The Puget Sound Water Quality Action Team contributed writing and key ideas from the "Puget Sound Shoreline Stewardship Guidebook," including text on homesites, erosion, drainage, water quality, weeds, septic systems, rules, land preservation, landscaping, trees, and beach access.

    Tammy Pelletier, Washington Department of Ecology, supplied web design, editing, illustrations, and photos.

    Greg Pelletier, Washington Department of Ecology, donated photos, JavaScript modifications, animated GIFS, and technical support.

    Steve Tilley of The Puget Sound Water Quality Action Team, provided helpful review.

    Dan Penttila, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, shared photographs and information on forage fish.

    Illustrations by Sandra Noel.

    Photographs by Hugh Shipman, Wolf Bauer, Bill Yake, John Loftus, Greg Pelletier, and Tammy Pelletier.

    Historical photographs and images courtesy of Shadow Catchers, Olympia, Washington.

    The Washington State Library & The Dept. of Ecology Library provided patient and friendly research assistance. 

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