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Exploring Puget Sound

Explore the shore along Puget Sound...

Overview: a view from above.
Shared Waters: our inland sea.
Land & Sea: nature at work.
Geology: the Sound on ice.
History: past Puget Sound.
People: population pressure.
Access: public beaches.  
Gravel: hide and seek.
Rock: anchors for anything.
Sand: in between the grains.
Mud: packing it in.
Estuaries: rich soup & sediments.
Tides: tidal safety tips.
Tide Pools: another world.
Bluffs: eroding bluffs build beaches.
Shore Forms: spits and other shapes.
Spits: more about spits.
Drift: moving materials.
Storms: shifting sand & seasons.
Slides: caution: gravity at work.

Salmon: seeking shoreline shelter.
Surf Smelt: shoreline spawning.
Sand Lance: eggs on sand.
Kelp: brown ropes & rafts.
Eelgrass: underwater food farms.
Native Plants: beautiful but tough.
Madrone: elegant erosion control.
Maple: massive and mossy.
Bald Eagle: nest with a view.
Scoter: diving ducks.
Shorebirds: seeking sandy space.
Heron: year round on the Sound.
Pigeon Guillemot: bluff nesters.
Geoduck: big home bodies.
Harbor Seal: hauling out.

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