Preserving Property

Some people want to preserve their property for their children, grandchildren, and everyone else to enjoy...

Shoreline property owners have several options for preserving and protecting their land. Some of these options include significant tax breaks. Contact your local government agency, land trust or land conservation group to learn about these all-around good deals.

Options for Protecting Land

  • Preserve Open Space & Reduce Taxes

    Open space current use taxation (CUT) programs allow local governments to reduce property taxes on private lands that are classified as open space. Qualifying properties include land that would promote conservation of soils, wetlands, beaches or tidal marshes, as designated by a city or county's comprehensive plan.

  • Conservation Easements

    Conservation easements are binding agreements between property owners and a land trust or other party. This option is appropriate for a person who wants to remain in possession of the land while restricting its future development or use.

  • Donate To Conserve

    Outright donation ensures that the land will be managed and maintained by a conservation organization or land protection agency.


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