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    Estuarine Links

    Estuaries, US EPA. Learn more about estuaries and the National Estuary Program.

    The Beach and Your Coastal Watershed, US EPA Fact Sheet (1998). Beaches and their function within a coastal watershed. Impacts on beaches and EPA's programs to protect beaches.

    Estuaries and Your Coastal Watershed, US EPA Fact sheet (1998). Fact sheet on estuaries and their function within a coastal watershed.  

    Puget Sound, US EPA. Learn about Puget Sound. Grants and funding, Ecosystem Indicators, Partnerships, maps, and more.


    Nearshore Environment Links

    Nearshore Waters and your Coastal Watershed, US EPA Factsheet (1998). Nearshore habitats, their function. Partnerships between EPA and other agencies and organizations for programs on the nearshore.

    Puget Sound - Georgia Basin International Task Force, Puget Sound Action Team. A 5-year review of the activities of the Task Force (link no longer acive).


    Salmon Links

    Recreational Salmon Fishing, Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife. Salmon/Steelhead Species Information.

    Salmon & Steelhead Conservation, Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife. Information on the 21st Century Salmon and Steelhead Initiative.

    West Coast Salmon Recovery Planning & Implementation, NOAA Fisheries. West Coast Region. West Coast Region's collaborative work to protect and restore salmon and their habitat.

    Salmon and Trout Topics, King County, Washington. Science, volunteer opportunities, and Endangered Species Act Response.

    Salmon Recovery in Puget Sound,  Puget Sound Partnership. Learn what the Puget Sound Partnership is doing to recover salmon. Includes links to information about the Shared Salmon Strategy, a collaborative initiative by Puget Sound communities to protect and restore salmon runs.

    Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Seafood Publications, Washington Sea Grant Program. A listing of publications from the Washington Sea Grant Program.

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