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Native Plants  

  • What is a Native Plant?

    Along Puget Sound, native plants come in many sizes -- from the towering Red cedar and Douglas fir to the waist high evergreen huckleberry and sword fern. These plants have adapted over thousands of years to Puget Sound weather, soils, and topography.

    Many non-native invaders such as Himalayan blackberry do not offer the same erosion control benefits that native plants provide.

  • Sword fern

  • How Native Plants Help Prevent Erosion

    Shrub, groundcover, and tree roots provide a fibrous web that stabilizes and anchors the soil. The roots function much like reinforcing steel in concrete structures, adding strength to the soil, reducing the risk of shallow landslides.

    Groundcovers such as salal, shield the soil from the impact of raindrops. Groundcovers catch and slow rainfall and allow moisture to evaporate from leaf surfaces.

    Good Native Plants For Erosion Control

    Oregon grape Salal Evergreen
    More about native shrubs...  
    Shore pine Pacific yew vine maple Western
    red cedar
    More about native trees...  

    Native Plants: Easy Care

    Northwest native plants provide many benefits. Once established, native plants are drought resistant, easy to care for, and attractive. They will increase the value of your home as they grow and protect your property from erosion.
    • Native plants need less water, less fuss.
    • Native plants provide important food and shelter for fish, birds, and other wildlife.
    • Native plants absorb water and anchor soils, preventing shallow slides and erosion.

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