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Some plants don't really belong on our shores but have managed to sneak in and make themselves at home. In some instances, they can be more successful than native species at exploiting the local environment.

  • Non-native Invaders  
    Himalayan Blackberry, Woodard Bay. Photo by Tammy Pelletier.
    Himalayan Blackberry
    Scotch broom, Scatter Creek. Photo by Tammy Pelletier.
    Scotch Broom
    Himalayan blackberry, Scotch broom and Japanese knotweed aggressively grow along the shoreline. They will outcompete most other vegetation. In most cases they should be removed.
    Japanese knotweed.
    Japanese Knotweed
    Spartina Invasion

    Spartina is an invasive cordgrass that is taking over tideflats in Puget Sound and coastal Washington, altering natural fish and shellfish habitats and excluding native vegetation. If you see circular clumps of grass growing in a mudflat it may be spartina.

    Spartina, Willapa Bay, Washington. Photo by Tammy Pelletier.
    Weeds On A Bluff? Get Advice

    If weeds are growing on an unstable bank or bluff, be sure to get some professional advice and have a revegetation plan in mind before clearing the slope.

    Free Advice

    Contact your county weed control board or the Washington Department of Agriculture for technical assistance and free advice about getting rid of unwelcome plant guests.

  • Washington State Noxious Weed Control Board
    (253) 872-2972  
  • Clallam County Weed Control Board
    (360) 417-2442
    E-mail: Cathy Lucero  
  • Island County Weed Control Board
    (360) 321-5111, ext. 211
    E-mail: Gloria Wahlin  
  • Jefferson County Weed Control Board
    (360) 379-5610, ext. 205
    E-mail: David Deardorff  
  • King County Weed Control Program
    (206) 296-0290
    E-mail: Jane Wentworth
    Web site: Noxious Weed Control Program  
  • Pierce County Weed Control Board
    (253) 798-7263
    E-mail: Thomas A. Bertram  
  • San Juan County Weed Control Board
    (360) 376-4095  
  • Skagit County Weed Control Board
    (360) 336-9430
    E-mail: William Rogers  
  • Snohomish County Weed Control Board
    (425) 338-2400  
  • Thurston County Weed Control Board
    (360) 786-5576
    E-mail: Rick Johnson  
  • Whatcom County Weed Control Board
    (360) 354-3990  
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